Fire Alarm Systems

3 reasons why to choose a Core Infotech's fire alarm system

  • We ensure early and accurate fire detection and minimal false alarms by using elaborate and innovative technology like AI and smart sensor technology.
    • Protect people and prevent material damages
    • Ensure business continuity

  • Tailor the system to your needs thanks to the full modularity of the panel set-up as core of the system.
    The entire system is fully backwards and upwards compatible allowing you to add new technology, extensions and replacements.
    Our products are made to last. We ensure the high quality of the system by decades of R&D experience and extensive testing in own labs beyond normative requirements.
    • Keep your investment
    • Profit from the latest technologies

  • Plan your system easily with our intuitive system planning tool including plausibility check and tender templates.
    We offer extensive technical training for system and products and professional multi-tiered tech support.
    You can manage the system remotely, e.g. accessing onsite data before visiting the site, creating automated maintenance reports or providing additional service to customers.
    • Improve efficiency and save costs
    • Provide better and additional services